Lemon Mech OG

Suit up with Lemon Mech OG, a cutting-edge cultivar with medium-sized, dark army green and orange buds reinforced by a thick layer of trichomes. Gear up with lemons, sour tangerines, cheese, and vanilla.

GeneticsLemon OG x White 91
THC Level20 - 26%
CBD Level0%





🍋 Lemon

🍊 Sour Tangerines

🧀 Cheese

🍦 Vanilla


The future of cannabis today

Out-of-this-world-flower starts with otherworldly genetics.

Every Drift flower is the end result of a passionate, years-long phenohunt. Our science division screen thousands of diverse genetics, with the singular goal of discovering the newest, never-before-explored flavour profiles, unreal bud structures, vibrant colour expressions, and high THC potencies.

After reaching maturity under the care of our Director of Cultivation, our Drift flower moves onto validation testing, where the flower’s best genetics are verified during replication. Then, an expert sensory panel analyzes the new flower’s appearance, feel, flavour, and fragrance before findings are sent to our Commercial team for final selection.

A long but beautiful journey, our cultivars are selected with purpose from thousands, bringing to life the most exciting of futuristic phenotypes.

Take Care of Your Cannabis

Keep your cannabis in an airtight container

Store your cannabis in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

To ensure maximum freshness, store your cannabis with a humidity packet

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Lemon Mech OG

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Hybrid20 - 26% THC0% CBD

Lemon Mech OG

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Hybrid20 - 26% THC0% CBD